They are the newest and best
way of replacing missing,
extracted or badly damaged

Transform your confidence

A dental implant is a prosthetic solution that replaces a missing tooth. It is similar to an artificial tooth root. A screw-like titanium structure is anchored into the jaw bones, and a crown is placed on top, giving the appearance of a natural tooth.
Dental implants are treated in two stages. The Dental Implant is placed into the jawbone during the first appointment. After the implant has formed an intimate bond with the bone (osseointegration), a second appointment is scheduled to place a tooth-like crown on it.
These two stages are traditionally performed over a three-month period that includes osseointegration. Where possible, the two stages are now performed concurrently.

At Dr. Batra’s Dental Dental, we make the dental implant process the easiest experience possible. Our experts have placed thousands of long-lasting dental implants with great results. You’ll be grinning, speaking, and chewing happily in no time — and for years to come.

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How It Works

"the most practical, long-term approach for restoring functioning and your smile."

In-Person Consult

Meet with our implant team to evaluate your needs.

3D Imaging

Advanced tech helps us ensure proper placement.


The implant is placed in one simple, comfortable visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dental implant restores your ability to chew, smile, and live with confidence after suffering a damaged or missing tooth.

Dental implants can replace anywhere from a single tooth, to an entire arch of teeth.

Amazingly, getting a dental implant at our Denver Tech Center office is comfortable and fast!

Implants can last for many, many years, and even a lifetime when you:

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Don’t smoke
  • Keep up with your biannual dental exams/cleanings

Implants are a financial investment, but this restoration is something that’s going to stick with you for a lifetime and improve your health. We offer transparent pricing to help you feel even more confident about your choice. After your consultation, we’ll explain exactly how to budget for your implant treatment.

Every insurance has its own policies for what is or is not covered. Contact us to find out what your plan covers.